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Team Coaching

As a trained ORSC Systems Coach, I take a systemic approach to Team Coaching.  This means that the coaching focuses on addressing the relationships and dynamics between team members as well as stakeholders outside of the immediate team who may have an influence or impact on the team’s performance and well-being as a whole.  I sometimes work with a co-coach if the engagement requires it.

Team coaching provides a way of harnessing the power of coaching for more than just one individual and can help to address issues related to conflict, innovation, performance and quality and future development.

My process for a team coaching engagement includes:

  • Pre-meetings with the team leader or sponsor to clarify issues.
  • Meetings with the team leader, team members and any associated stakeholders to listen and agree a way of working towards desired outcomes.
  • Agree the coaching engagement in terms of duration, frequency, logistics, follow-up review and budget.

If any of the above is of interest to you, please book a slot with me to find out more.