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Senior Team Development


Team work is widely acknowledged as a productive and efficient way of working. However, the nature of senior teams and their members is unique in terms of the levels of expertise of members and the expectations and responsibilities placed upon them. Often, the emphasis on individual capabilities and expertise can mitigate against successful collaboration and team working. Evidence shows that when team members contribute to the development of the team as a whole, they become more engaged, creative and resourceful.

Our process of diagnosis, reflection and action focused development supports effective working and improved performance for individuals, the team and the organisation. We are accredited to deliver the Margerison and McCann Team Management Profile. This unique management and team development tool can be used to support personal development but is at its most powerful when used to build and sustain high energy teams. We offer profiling as a robust way to support a variety of our interventions including individual and team coaching and tailored team development workshops.

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We need your help with our exciting research project:
‘Working with Conflict in Teams’

We are looking for workplace teams to take part in our exciting new research project that explores how team members work together and the impact that conflict can have on innovation performance and success. As a participant, you will be provided with free feedback that you can use to help your team/s harness conflict into positive actions that will improve their innovative capability and performance. Find out more; follow this link to the flyer.