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Senior Team Development Workshop


Teamwork is critical in organisations but is particularly important at senior level because of the responsibilities and influence of the senior team members.

Often the emphasis on individual expertise at this level can take priority but collaboration and team working are just as important because of the impact on the performance of the organisation and the people in it.

This workshop will help your senior team members to understand each other and develop collaborative behaviours and strategies to enhance their team performance and ultimately deliver organisational success.

Target Audience
Any senior team, e.g. board, executive team, project team

1 day with the scope to extend through an ongoing facilitated action learning approach

Indicative Content

  • Completion of a team effectiveness questionnaire by individual team members, pre-event
  • Analysis of the questionnaire
  • Presentation of date to the team
  • Understanding and valuing individual style
  • Team dynamics diagnostics and analysis
  • Action learning and planning

Our facilitators have experience of working with a range of teams including project teams, work teams, management teams and Boards of Directors.

If you would like to arrange to book this 1 day workshop on senior team development call 07919458485 or email info@level7live.com