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One to One Coaching

In my capacity as a coach individuals use my services because they are facing some form of personal challenge, change or transition.  I believe that coaching is a process that is client-led where, as a coach, my focus is to facilitate my client’s thinking and actions towards implementing solutions that are relevant to the issues they are dealing with.

Coaching can be helpful in many contexts such as, relationship building, conflict resolution, confidence-building, life transitions, workplace performance, personal development and leadership development challenges.

The coaching relationship is fundamental to us working collaboratively and is built on trust, empathy, confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Together, we create a safe space to explore issues, ideas, opportunities and challenges and always with the intention of bringing about some form of change or transformation. I always begin any coaching engagement with an initial ‘Chemistry meeting’ to discuss expectations, focus, duration and frequency. We discuss and agree prior to the start of the coaching programme how we will work together over the duration of the coaching engagement.

If any of the above is of interest to you, please book a slot with me to find out more.