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My Coaching Clients

I have found my experience and approach works well with the following client groups:

Start-up Ventures

Many people involved in the early stages of setting up an enterprise are so focused on ‘getting the job done’ and tend to pay attention to work tasks that are important for the business to perform and grow.  Often little attention is paid to how people work and relate to one another.  These relational issues often surface in the forms of tension or conflict between individuals and their many stakeholders.  Whilst conflict can help with creativity, it can also be destructive.  Taking time out to acknowledge and appreciate what each person contributes to the enterprises’ system can have great benefits to the success and purpose of the enterprise as well as the well-being of the people.

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Leadership Teams

When leaders need to work with other leaders in a team environment, they individually bring a lot of experience and wisdom to that team.  Sometimes individuals have fixed views and opinions which are more difficult to adapt and change.  Leaders are role models for the rest of the organisation and they are knowingly or unknowingly role-models for setting and shaping the culture of the organisation.  In my experience of working with Leaders the consensus is that taking time out to work on improving the dynamics of the relationships in their team’s system can be beneficial for all stakeholders.

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Having spent a fair bit of my professional life helping to train and educate coaches, together with my revived interest in intuition, I want to work with coaches to help them develop their intuition.  My aim is to help coaches to become more sensitive to nuances in their coaching relationships; to be willing to take action as a result of deeper reflective practice and ultimately to gain a greater level of self-awareness.  My PhD research findings on intuition suggest that everyone has the ability to use their intuition, after all it is a very human characteristic and may well be the key differentiator between human coaches and our AI competitors of the future.

If you are curious to know more, please book a meeting with me.