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Leadership and Management Development


Our structured approach to leadership and management development utilises our tried and tested Putting Your Talent to Work framework. This provides structure and clarity to the leadership development process combining a series of developmental building blocks to create a programme that is tailored to your specific needs.

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The programme also incorporates Level 7’s leading edge research into innovative leadership behaviours.

If your challenge is around finding innovative talent development solutions that will help to retain and develop talent whilst achieving a measurable Return on Investment, then this is the solution for you. Similarly, if you have an existing talent programme that is not producing the results you need, either internally or externally, we offer the solutions that can improve or enhance their effectiveness.

The Level 7 programme, Putting your Talent to Work synthesises the two key themes of personal and organisational learning in order to achieve clear and measurable results for individuals and organisations. The programme is flexible, practical and rigorous in its learning strategies.

Who is the programme for?
This programme is aimed at talented individuals in an organisation who have been identified as potential ‘high-flyers’. They would be operating in a management or leadership role currently or will have been identified to fill such a position in the immediate future.