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Training And Facilitation In Design Thinking Practices

We will introduce you to the design thinking methodology and coaching principles that our approach is based on.  We will work with you on an actual problem or opportunity and provide informative and constructive feedback at each point of the process to help you embed your learning.

There are 3 ways in which you can access our design thinking services:

Taster Session – a 2 hour ‘quick sprint’ through a problem scenario utilising key stages in the design thinking process

Introductory Workshop – 2 days of team working on a real challenge applying design thinking principles and leading to an action plan

A Full Design Sprint – 5 days of collaborative working on solving an actual real problem, testing new ideas and generating real solutions


“I really enjoyed this morning’s design thinking taster webinar and you certainly managed to cover a lot of content in a short space of time. I can definitely see how this concept could be used as a methodology to drive cultural and a whole range of other types of business change and I am pleased that I dipped my toe in the water this morning to experience this. Thank you both.”
Louise Gordon
Louise Gordon Consultancy