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If this scenario about team performance and productivity is something you have to deal with, then we can help.

“HR is trying to support an established, customer-facing, cross-functional team with addressing productivity and performance.  The team need to change the way they are operating and have been holding many meetings to review processes and working practices but there seems to be little appetite within the team for doing things differently. HR have offered a range of ideas to the team but these don’t seem to have been embraced and morale in this team is slowly ebbing away.  Customer feedback is patchy.  HR believe silo mentality is prevalent in the organisation and whilst they do see pockets of good practice, they fear that the organisation’s values and purpose is slowly being eroded to a point where valuable people will leave for all the wrong reasons”

Here is how we can help

We advocate a fresh start, investing time in the first two phases of our approach – EXPLORATION and FOCUSING.  These two phases provide a good basis for moving onto the EXPERIMENTATION phase which is low-risk and liberating for all involved.  Finally, the last phase of EMBEDDING THE NEW engages both hearts and minds to embed new practices.  All aspects of our process are designed to meet specific needs and wants.