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Conflict Resolution Workshop


If managers are able to diffuse potential conflict situations and deal with conflict effectively when it arises, considerable savings in time and money can be made. Studies have shown that dealing with conflict can take up to 20% of leadership time and costs UK businesses an estimated £33billion per year. As well as the financial impact, unresolved conflict has a negative impact on effectiveness and productivity and leads to wasted energy and demotivation.  This workshop provides practical insights into the process and skills of mediation in order to help managers minimise the impact of conflict and resolve workplace issues.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

1 day

Indicative Content

  • Cost of conflict to organisations
  • What effect does conflict have on organisations (internally and externally)
  • Defining conflict
  • An organisational/department/team health check
  • Obstacles to addressing conflict
  • Methods and outcomes for dealing with conflict
  • Using mediation skills to help managers manage more effectively
  • Tips for turning destructive conflict into constructive conflict

Our facilitators are trained mediators who have many years of experience in dealing with various aspects of conflict resolution in the workplace, ranging from policy and procedure development to mediation and negotiation training.