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Confidential Mediation Service


Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party helps people in a dispute to work towards an agreed, future-focused resolution.

Our trained Mediators will work with you to facilitate discussion between the parties in conflict and help support a resolution to the conflict/issue.

What the service typically provides:

  • Initial briefing meeting with the client stakeholder(s) in order to get background information regarding the situation. This can be conducted by telephone, but is better carried out in person.

Over a one day period:

  • Pre-meetings with all parties involved –to assess whether the issue can be resolved through mediation; to explain the mediation process; to clarify roles and responsibilities involved in the process and to gain agreement from all parties that they wish to go ahead with the mediation session.
  • Mediation session –Our mediator will facilitate a structured and confidential session based on principles of objectivity, impartiality and equality. A private room, on neutral territory, is required to run the session.
  • Post-mediation meeting with initial client stakeholder(s). Whilst the content of the mediation session is confidential, the client stakeholder will be advised of whether a resolution was achieved and anything the parties may wish to be disclosed.

Follow Up Review
We will always seek a follow up review with all parties by phone or in person at a date, time and location to suit all parties.

If you need a mediator to help as an impartial third party in a work related dispute contact Level 7 on 07919458485 or email info@level7live.com