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Coaching Skills Workshop


Coaching is widely seen as an essential leadership development tool and increasingly leaders and managers are expected to use coaching skills to develop team members. An alternative to a traditional top-down directive approach, effective coaching empowers others, helps them learn for themselves and find their own solutions to today’s workplace and market challenges. Coaching is about asking great questions rather than telling others what to do and can be used to innovate, develop high potential team members and to negotiate difficult situations.


Our practical workshops offer an opportunity for managers to explore, practise, develop, experience and receive feedback on their use of coaching skills and techniques. A solid grounding in the principles of coaching and a toolkit of practical techniques are provided to enable managers to improve performance and enhance relationships with team members or colleagues.


To provide an introduction to coaching and develop knowledge, understanding and confidence in the use of coaching skills.


Participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of a coaching style of leadership and management
  • Gain confidence in the use of coaching techniques
  • Learn and practise simple models for structuring coaching conversations


You can choose from:
1. A one day introductory workshop to provide your managers and supervisors with core coaching skills
2. Two skills workshop days, separated by a period of work based coaching practice supervised by our Level 7 coaches. Day one delivers core skills and day two is an action learning day of reflective practice, sharing experiences and building on learning to create individual tailored action plans for sustained management coaching. This option is designed to help organisations create and sustain a coaching culture.