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Coaching for Coaches

Developing your Intuition – A very human characteristic

20 years ago, I completed my PhD on the topic of Intuition and its role in creative problem-solving and specifically whether it is possible to develop our intuitive capability.  The capacity for intuition is something that connects us as human beings and shows up in different ways and in different contexts, such as coaching, problem-solving, decision-making, innovation and creativity. 

In the light of the emergence and growing interest in Artificial intelligence and what it is that makes us human, I work with coaches who want to develop their inner resource of intuition.  Together we focus on developing sensitivity to intuition and intuitive responses.

Broadly, we will work together on these key three areas:

  1. What do you mean by intuition;
  2. how and where does it show up for you;
  3. how can we work together to help fine tune it to serve you better?

If any of the above is of interest to you, please book a slot with me to find out more.