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Design Thinking: Integrating Design Thinking principles within the organisation

In the last decade, organisations were preoccupied with reacting to the pace of change that was coming at them from all angles.   These changes were wrapped up as problems that needed solutions that were often the subject of large-scale change management initiatives.  Looking back in time it is easy to see why employees experienced ‘change-fatigue’ and often resisted implementing what was being asked of them.  It was easier to keep on doing the same and avoid anything new that required more physical and mental effort.

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7 Steps to Team Work

Level Seven’s 7 Steps to Effective Team Work


  1. Create a common sense of purpose – Align this to the organisations purpose/goals

For teamwork to be effective, there need to be clear and aligned team goals. Clarity comes from team member involvement in setting goals to ensure buy in and mutual understanding. Alignment is multi directional in that the team’s goals must align with both the organisational goals and those of the individual team members. Through our work with organisations, we believe that leaders play a key role in supporting the achievement and sustainability of goal alignment through: clear communication of organisational vision, values and goals; sponsorship of team projects; ongoing support through mentoring and coaching of the team. Have a look at how we have woven these threads together to support strategic team project success:  http://www.level7live.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Developing-Leaders-in-Engineering.pdf

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