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Conflict Resolution: A new perspective


Helping teams to resolve issues often focuses on interpersonal behaviours and relationships. These are undoubtedly important, but other issues can arise with more of a task focus: ideas may not get heard, low risk tolerance can stifle creativity impacting on team performance and productivity. (This article succinctly sets out the range of challenges facing teams: https://workplacepsychology.net/2010/12/17/eight-common-problems-teams-encounter/)

Our current research project seeks to identify the types of task based challenge that impede team success. As trained coaches and mediators, we are fascinated by team dynamics and how synthesizing our work as coaches and mediators can facilitate the harnessing of conflict into productive outputs.

Through listening to individual stories of conflict and analyzing emerging themes, we aim to identify the most common challenges that lead to conflict. These themes will then form the basis of a tailored team coaching workshop that will facilitate reflection, creative adaptation and action planning. https://www.level7live.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/General-team-conflict-flyer.pdf

We’d love to hear about your experiences of conflict in teams and how that conflict has been channeled into successful outcomes. Do get in touch with us to share ideas and help with our research. Email us at info@level7live.com.


Conflict Resolution: A new perspective

The desire for organisations to innovate has become deeply embedded in the organisational psyche; whether that be private, public or not for profit type organisations.  The word innovation appears in vision and mission statements, in lists of value statements and in key performance indicators.  Innovation is the new ‘change’.


Level Seven has always been interested in helping organisations and individuals to be the best that they can be especially within the backdrop of improving innovation, leadership development and personal performance https://www.level7live.com/leading-the-human-interface-of-innovation/ As professionals working in the area of talent development, we use coaching and conflict resolution skills on a regular basis.  https://www.level7live.com/conflict-resolution/


As a result, we have become increasingly fascinated by the systems within which people operate, in particular the impact of individuals on teams, and of teams on innovation performance. What has emerged for us is a strong interest in how positive conflict resolution can be applied in the context of innovation performance and team coaching.


Studies on innovation in the workplace have been conducted from many perspectives, including, business performance, leadership performance, team performance, individual creativity to name but a few.  We are specifically interested in two areas that we believe impact on successful innovation performance.  The first is how conflict in teams can be seen as a positive concept and second whether using a process of conflict mediation within a team can have a positive impact on innovation performance.


We are undertaking our own research project that focuses on the human factors of innovation in a team environment concerning relationship issues between different stakeholders.  We will investigate what issues arise that put people into conflict with one another; how they have attempted to embrace these issues in positive ways whilst still working with the usual constraints such as budgets, timescales and evolving needs of users and customers.  What are the stumbling blocks to successful innovation and what have teams done to overcome them?  Drawing on models of team coaching, we will explore how these models can be synthesised into a process of conflict resolution such that the team’s innovation performance can be enhanced.


If you are located in or around Northamptonshire or Cambridgeshire and think that your teams would benefit from the insights that taking part in our team conflict resolution research can provide, please get in touch at info@level7live.com.