Co Creating Collaborative Solutions

Change and Transformation are core to organisational life.  At Level Seven we specialise in helping managers, leaders and organisations overcome problems and challenges, particularly during times of change and transformation. 

Our coaching approach helps leaders, managers and teams identify and build upon their existing strengths. We do this using coaching interventions and  design thinking methodology in order to gain understanding, challenge assumptions, support experimentation and support the delivery of solutions.

Design Thinking Based Coaching

  • Actively Listen
  • Ask Insightful Questions
  • Facilitate Ideas Testing
  • Support Delivery of solutions
  • We believe in the capacity of people to achieve their goals but are aware of the barriers that can get in the way within modern organisations. Our approach specifically helps people to focus on practical and positive solutions to help overcome those barriers.

    A 3-day online design thinking workshop:

    How to make your customer offer more Coronavirus resilient

    60 Minute Online Workshop

    Introducing design thinking to solve business problems (April 15th)